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the ice is getting thinner // death cab for cutie

we’re not the same, dear
and it seems to me
there’s nowhere we can go
with nothing underneath

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what you see // oingo boingo

put your life into my hands
look around, you’ll understand
put your life into my hands

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hide // little may

i feel so haunted in your bed
is it me or is it her that’s in your head?

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suzy // caravan palace

suzy’s flashing the dance floor and sings
that she’s expecting more swinging dreams

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some day my prince will come // adriana caselotti

some day my prince will come
some day we’ll meet again
and away to his castle we’ll go
to be happy forever i know

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wild horses // natasha bedingfield

all i want is the wind in my hair
to face the fear but not feel scared

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one week // barenaked ladies

three days since the living room
i realized it’s all my fault but couldn’t tell you
yesterday you’d forgiven me
but it’ll still be two days til i say i’m sorry

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we exist // arcade fire

maybe it’s true
they’re staring at you
when you walk in a room

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pretty in pink // the dresden dolls

the one who insists he was first in her line
is the last to remember her name
and he’s walking around in this dress that she wore
she is gone but the joke’s the same

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stuck on the puzzle // alex turner

something in your magnetism must have pissed them off
forcing them to get an early night
i have been searching from the bottom to the top for such a sight
as the one i caught when i saw your fingers dim in the light

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best shot // birdy & jaymes young

when your sky is dark
and the earth is shaking your bed
your hope is at its end, you just need one friend
i’ll be here, giving it my best shot

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believe me natalie // the killers

and walk away
if my dreams for us can’t get you through 
just one more day
it’s alright by me

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stepping stone // duffy

and now you have the nerve to play along
just like the maestro beats in his song
you get your kicks, you get your kicks from playing me
and the less you give, the more i want so foolishly

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fighter // christina aguilera

made me learn a little bit faster
made my skin a little bit thicker
makes me that much smarter
so thanks for making me a fighter

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careless whisper // george michael

i’m never gonna dance again
guilty feet have got no rhythm
though it’s easy to pretend
i know you’re not a fool

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